Service Provider Protection - Qrator.Ingress

Any of present-day SPs, whether it is an Internet Service Provider, a Hosting Service Provider or a Data Center could face a situation when one of their customers is hit by a DDoS attack which then affects the whole SP’s infrastructure. Potentially, many customers could get involved, and significant consequences may follow.
To prevent situations described, Qrator Labs offers Qrator.Ingress: Service Provider Protection.

The filtering service helps to protect customers from the most widespread DDoS attacks aimed to overload uplink channel capacity, to shut down border routers or to stack up the TCP/IP protocol.
The service includes protection against various amplification attacks, such as, DNS, NTP, SSDP, Chargen, etc. - as well as against flood attacks (SYN flood, IP packet flood etc.).

During the service, customer prefixes are announced via BGP through Qrator Labs AS.
Customer can specify bandwidth and packet rate limits for inbound traffic. It is guaranteed that the allowed traffic will not exceed the given limits, regardless of the DDoS attack type.
Only inbound traffic is routed through Qrator Labs network; the outbound traffic routing remains unchanged to minimize the service cost.
Qrator Labs network maintains abundant connectivity and PoPs, so latency is minimized for the inspected traffic.

The service does not provide filtering at L7 layer (layer of application). It does not guarantee the uptime of individual customer websites located in the protected networks.

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