HTTPS filtering without decryption (PCI-DSS ready)

In brief:

Our exclusive technology allows us to analyze and filter HTTPS traffic without provided encryption keys and without breaching security policies maintained in the customer's company.

In detail:

This technology ensures the privacy of all data passing through the Qrator network, thus avoiding any possible breaches in security policies maintained by the customer's company. The legitimate traffic is tunneled to the protected server without any decryption and alterations. The following technologies are used for protection:

  • API: we provide the customer with an interface for automated control over whitelists and blacklists in Qrator which allows filtering the traffic on the perimeter of our network.
  • Access Log: the customer can transmit the access log of the protected application to us in real time using the standard syslog protocol. Applying heuristic algorithms to the data obtained from the log, Qrator will automatically manage blacklists and whitelists for your resource.
  • In case of working with billing systems we offer you to embed the authentication algorithm developed by us into the source code of the merchant. This algorithm will perform additional verification of merchant's IP address in case of an attack.