CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Speed up your website, video or application with Qrator.CDN

Qrator Labs offers scaled-up, flexible and cost-effective content delivery for customers around the world.

Qrator.CDN securely delivers and distributes content to end users with low latency and high transfer speed. Usage of CDN improves your customers' experience by significantly accelerating download speed for audio, video, software, game and other types of digital content.

Up to 10x speed up
Faster websites loading, especially with high-volume content
Flexible pricing
We charge customers only for used nodes
Rapid network scaling
Qrator.CDN offers rapid deployment of additional nodes within 2-3 weeks on-demand
Easy to connect

Easy and intuitive CDN control interface integrated into your admin panel

Built-in DDoS protection
Qrator.CDN already includes DDoS attacks mitigation, which is especially important for financial and other services designed for a constant 24x7 load


Wide geographic coverage

Qrator.CDN meets clients’ needs in different macroregions around the world, including the CIS, the USA, Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, Australia, India, and Southeast Asia.

Qrator.CDN requires less hardware to deliver comprehensive global reach and expand regional coverage or expand network capacity without additional investments. 



Fastest performance for a bunch of industries

TV and broadcasting
Online television and streaming, projects related to audio and video content distribution
Online newspapers and magazines selling rich content on regular basis

Online educational projects struggling for a need to ensure smooth uninterrupted transfer of content


Online retailers delivering personalized shopping experiences featuring rich media and video content

Beauty Industry
Luxury ​​industry usually providing rich visual content and ads


Key Benefits

  • Ease of scale up and system deployment 
  • Several services managed from one personal account  
  • Advanced analytics
  • Average response time in the regions of presence is 5 milliseconds
  • Reliable 24/7/365 technical support in different time zones in English, French and Mandarin Chinese



Qrator.CDN Cloud-on-Demand Service allows you to shift capital costs (CAPEX) to the third parties due to integration of providers and telecom operators’ infrastructure into a common network. 


CDN Services

Live video feeds

Broadcast live video streams on the Internet to a large audience in real time

 Video on Demand (VOD) 

Enable end viewers to view your videos anytime on demand, either through a video player on a website, a set-top box or a mobile app. No need to download an entire video

 Turnkey HTML5 Player

Provide an embeddable branded HTML5 video player

Mobile application with turnkey video broadcasting

Provide a branded iPhone / iPad / Android mobile application and a video platform

Website Acceleration

Distribute, optimize and speed up website delivery content to end users worldwide. HTTP and HTTPS content is distributed between cache servers around the world and delivered from an appropriate distribution point closest to a user. Your website rises in Google and Yandex search results. More conversion, more selling

Protected CDN

Additional protection against DDoS and hacker attacks. Customized protection schemes according to your requirements

Technical features

  • Video broadcasting protocols support (live and VOD): HLS over HTTP, HTTP/2, HTTPS, ICECAST, RTMP (conversion to HLS)
  • Proxy mode: fast and reliable transfer of non-cached content
  • Full support for HTTP/2 (without site optimization does not always give a performance gain), HTTP/3 will be available in Q2 2022
  • Compression support: Gzip, deflate, Brotli for both transferring and storing compressed files
  • Support for terminating TLS/SSL traffic on distribution nodes
  • Domain name support: Subdomain support for PADs - any subdomain of origins[i].PADS will match origin; by default, an SSL-protected domain of the form is provided for content objects on CDN, client domain support for CDN via CNAME
  • Image transcoding: resizing and formatting images stored on the server on the fly and delivering them to end users in JPEG/PNG/WebP formats
  • Access control via Access Control List (ACL): white and black lists of IP addresses, geo-blocking by country, OAuth2 authorization protocol
  • Authorization through tokens: support for the Akamai G2O token protocol, or the generation of your own tokens allows you to generate secure address links with a short expiration period. Generating a unique token/password pair to create a secure resource address. You have full control over who, where and when can view your content
  • Link protection from copying: Frequent theft of video content and broadcasts is no longer a problem. Content can only be served through sites in your domain. Copy link protection allows you to serve content only on an HTTP request with a valid Referrer header or a secret header
  • DDoS protection: Machine learning algorithms quickly cut off malicious traffic from attacked hosts and allow other hosts to keep on working. The source server and macro-regional proxy nodes (“super seeds”), located at 13 traffic filtering points around the world, are always protected
  • Expanded analytics: raw and aggregated data on all the activities of your end users in different sections, counting the number of simultaneous viewers of a video channel in real time and issuing via API
  • Fast cache cleaning (purge): fast early "obsolescence" of content on all nodes, either completely, or by mask or a separate folder, or a set of individual objects by accessing via the API or in your personal account