DNS Protection

In brief:

If the customer's network infrastructure includes its own DNS servers, they also need to be protected from the threat of DDoS attacks.

In detail:

The DNS service is used from translation of the website's domain name into an IP address for routing the requests from the visitors. In case of a DNS server failure the website will soon stop operating properly.

In order to prevent this happening (including the DDoS attacks on the DNS server) we offer our customers the distributed protected DNS which is able to operate in one of the following modes:

  • Zone transfer - the Qrator DNS server addresses are added to the lost of trusted servers for the customer's resource and serve customer's DNS zone as the normal DNS authority would do.
  • Reverse proxy – the Qrator Labs network filters visitor's DNS requests, transmits them to the proteted DNS server and caches the replies, lowering the stress on the customer's DNS server and increasing its availability.

You can learn more of this service here.