Traffic Balancing

In brief:

We distribute the traffic between main and backup servers of the customer's website. Depending on the customer's needs we can implement individual algorithms for accessing the backup servers.

In detail:

If your website uses several web servers hosted in one or several data centers for its operation, Qrator Labs will ensure its fail-safe operation even in case of problems with one of the servers. You can choose one of the following algorithms for traffic balancing:

  • Round-robin (default): the requests are distributed evenly among the servers, the server which experienced a failure is excluded from rotation for a certain period of time.
  • Weights: the requests are distributed among the servers according to the given proportions.
  • IP hash: the determined distribution of the requests making each website visitor to communicate with a specific server.
  • Primary-backup: in case the main servers become unavailable, the traffic is redirected to the backup servers for a given period of time.