The minimum number of false positives: 0% - in a quiet mode, it does not exceed 5% during an attack.

Qrator Labs protection operates in Always on mode and provides a nearly zero false positive rate. Traffic analysis is performed continuously, regardless of the presence of an attack. This scheme of work allows the filtering nodes to detect traffic anomalies for each web resource separately and instantly respond to any anomalies in automatic mode.

Using an intelligent algorithm to block IP addresses allows to minimize the number of false positives - and to ensure the constant availability of the client's web resources for legitimate users. Even in the event of a false positive, or on the contrary, of the protection failure, it is possible to quickly add the user's IP to the white or black list, which, with the help of Qrator Labs technical support, will gain time to sort things out and create a timely error report with all the necessary data. The black lists may contain up to several thousand IPs (depending on the scheme of work), which covers the needs of even large portals with entire networks of administrators.

Technical support is available 24/7 at all tariff plans, for all clients without exception.