Qrator Labs Unveils Next-Gen Cybersecurity in Malaysia to Boost Digital Resilience

November 24, 2023

Qrator Labs announces the expansion of its operations to the Malaysian market. This move addresses the region's unique digital challenges and strengthens its technology leadership.

Today, Qrator Labs leads at the forefront of cybersecurity, owning a notable global filtering network that provides multilevel DDoS mitigation and protection against various network attacks. With over 4,000 Gbps of filtering bandwidth and strategic deployment of 15 points of presence across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Qrator Labs has become the cybersecurity backbone for various industries. The company focuses on innovation and network security solutions to address evolving cyber threats, catering to both small and large businesses.

Victor Zyamzin, global head of business development at Qrator Labs, asserts: “Launching in Malaysia underscores our dedication to ensuring that web resources are highly available and swiftly accessible with minimal delays. This is crucial for a website’s search ranking visibility, attracting visitors, and converting those figures into real business outcomes.” 

Embracing Qrator Labs’ pioneering technology means Malaysian enterprises will now have access to a fortified cybersecurity framework, ensuring round-the-clock service availability, encompassing DDoS Protection, an advanced Web Application Firewall, Bot attacks protection, reliable DNS, and Qrator.Radar – a unique global real-time BGP monitoring system.

As Malaysia’s tech landscape undergoes rapid growth, characterized by an influx of new online services, international companies setting up local bases, and climbing internet usage — with 33.03 million internet users and a penetration of 96.8% as of early 2023 — the timing for Qrator Labs’ solutions is critical. The growth in the number of internet users and faster connection speeds highlight the need for reliable and secure internet access.

Qrator Labs is set to become a cornerstone in fortifying Malaysia's digital domain, ensuring secure and high-performing online experiences for both businesses and consumers.